What’s Your Dream?

Your dream must be compelling enough to push you to action. Dreams and desires are alike. Dreams helps you to have a vision. Dreams are steps to your door of success.

Everything on this planet has two creations the first in the mind (which is your Dream or Desire) the second in the physical (which is your Action). you cannot not go through step two without achieving step one.

Therefore, i ask you once again, what’s your dream? How big is your dream? Remember, if you can think it? you can achieve.  we are all co- creators with God we have the capacity to achieve what ever we set our minds to.

Don’t hold yourself back… Dream as big as you want to and then take action and believe that you can succeed and you will succeed.

My dream is to be a part of history in my continent, to create a positive impact in my generation, to add value to life,  and i have taken action by working with a team of like minded individuals and our dream is to achieve the following by the year 2020:
1. A2W Estate would have provided 1 million affordable housing units by 2020.
2. A2W Retail would have 1m franchises and be the choice outlet to 10 million families by    2020
3. A2W Travels would have become the preferred travel company with a loyalty base of 1 million people by 2020.
4. A2W Business School would graduate and develop 1,000,000 world class entrepreneurs by 2020.
5. A2W Network would have 5 million plugged-in distributors by 2020.
6. A2W Fund would be one of the biggest and most stable fund and asset managers in Africa with a portfolio size in trillions of dollars by 2020
7. A2W ltd would be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and would be the No1 company that makes Nigerians proud to be Nigerians by 2020.

We have always said it, and by God’s grace always done it. God doesn’t give appetite except he first created the banquet. Your desires are loaded with possibilities. The reason you have not become is not because it’s not possible, it’s because it’s not your dream or desire.

If your goal is compelling enough, the next question that will fill your mouth is “HOW?”. Few dream at all, but fewer still think the “how?” through. Would you like us to think through how together? then leave a message.


Awele OJ


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